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Mattress disposal, removal and hauling

Mattress disposal services for Duluth, MN and surrounding areas.

Do you need to dispose of a mattress in Duluth MN or, any of the surrounding areas? Duluth Hauling can help you. We can come out to pick up you’re old mattress for you. Saving you time from hauling it to the dump yourself. We do all the heavy lifting for you. 

What kind of mattress can we dispose of?

We can help you get rid of any old mattress you don’t need. If you get a new mattress obviously most times you have no use for the old one. That’s why you can call Duluth Hauling for this service. We can haul the following mattress in Duluth, Hermantown, Proctor, Esko, Cloquet, Two Harbors, MN and, Superior, WI: 

  • King Mattress are big and bulky. When they need to be replaced call Duluth Hauling to do all the heavy lifting. Set up an appointment for your king mattress removal today. 
  • Queen Mattress are also fairly big and hard to remove on your own. You can call us to remove your queen mattress. 
  • Full Mattress is getting old and, you plan on maybe upgrading. We can remove your old full mattress then. 
  • Twin Mattress get old and need to be replaced. You can call Duluth Hauling and we can come out and remove your Twin Mattress for you. 
  • Futon Mattress don’t always hold their form and get uncomfortable. You can replace futon mattress while still keeping the frame. If you’re needing to have one hauled away just call us. We can remove your futon mattress. 

Can Duluth Hauling dispose of box springs?

We can haul away and, dispose of your old box spring as well. Sometimes just the box spring will break leaving your bed feeling really uncomfortable. In most cases you can replace your box spring and your mattress will feel better afterwards. We can haul away the following box springs: 

  • King Box spring. 
  • Queen Box Spring. 
  • Full Box Spring. 
  • Twin Box Spring. 
  • Any other box spring.
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