Furniture Disposal Service

haul away old furniture and disposal

Furniture disposal and removal services to help you get rid of your old furniture.

Duluth Hauling can help you get rid of old furniture. We will come out and pick  up and haul it away for you.

What kind of furniture disposal and hauling can we do?

We can haul all sorts of furniture. Furniture removal can consist of removing couches, chairs, tables, even beds and mattresses. There is no limit to the amount of furniture that needs to be removed. We can haul it all away for you. 

We can haul and remove a wide variety of furniture. Listed below is a list of furniture disposal services we commonly remove. If it's not listed just ask us.

Furniture gets old and needs to be replaced. What do you do with the old furniture? You toss it in the trash! Sometimes items are to big to be taken from the garbage man. At which point you need to call the junk haulers to pick up your old furniture. Some of the furniture we can pick up for you below. 

  • Coucheswe can come out to pick up and remove couches and dispose of them for you. 
  • Cabinets. 
  • Tables. 
  • Book shelves. 
  • Chairs. 
  • Dressers. 
  • Entertainment centers. 
  • Footboard and headboards.
  • Hutches. 
  • Patio and outdoor furniture. 
  • Recliners. 
  • Baby bouncers, cribs, strollers. 
  • Mattresses can be hauled and removed by us too click here for more info.
  • Box springs. 
  • Futons. 
  • Bedroom furniture.
  • Bathroom fixtures. 
  • Sofas. 
  • Desks. 
  • Exercise equipment. 
  • Mirrors. 
  • Bookcases. 
  • Cubicles.
  • File cabinets. 
  • Boxes. 
  • Armoires. 
  • Tool Units. 

The types of couches that we pick up.

As you know there are many types of couches. So of course each type is a different hauling experience. Some of the couches we have hauled range from two seat, three seat, sectionals, and, love seat couches. Then there’s the comfy recliners. Yes even though that recliner maybe the most comfiest. It does get old and needs replacing. Couches are usually pretty large. So it’s sometimes a hassle to haul by yourself. Which is why you would love our furniture removal service. We do all the heavy lifting for you along with transporting it to the dump. 

Where can we haul furniture from?

We can remove furniture from your home, garage, basement, yard, and basically any where else on and from your property. We work in the areas of Duluth, Procotor, Hermantown, Esko, Cloquet, Carlton, Two Harbors, MN and Superior, WI.

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